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Sunday School Lesson 9 for May 2, 2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters;


But Micaiah said, “As surely as the Lord lives, I can tell him only what the Lord tells me"- 1 Kings 22:14.

Ramoth was one of the cities of refuge in the land of Gad, across the Jordan; and the effort to regain the city from the Syrians was a natural one. It is a good thing to ask counsel of God before entering upon a new expedition; but it is not always easy or naturally pleasant to submit one's judgment and behavior absolutely to His reply. The false prophets fell in with Ahab's inclination, and advised the war, doing so in the name of Jehovah. But Jehoshaphat was not satisfied. There was something deficient in the solemn declaration of these false teachers and their object lessons (1 Kings 22:11).

The address of Micaiah is not a representation of things done in the heavens; but a parable, or figurative mode of expression. God cannot be tempted of evil, nor does He tempt any man (James 1:13). But He permits men to be tempted, and He overrules the working of Satan for the execution of His own purposes. Micaiah adopted an ironical method of speech, which at least suggested to the king how his prophets might claim to be God-inspired, and yet be deceiving him.

Micaiah's message was unwelcome and was punished by imprisonment (1 Kings 22:27); but better a thousand times to be Micaiah, in prison and hated, yet bearing uncompromising witness against stiff-necked iniquity, than to sit beside it without rebuking it as Jehoshaphat did. In the judgment of the ages and of God, the prophets who dare to stand alone, and to endure any suffering rather than yield their countenance to the sin of high places, are they who shine like stars. The ivory house of Ahab and the cities that he built have perished, but this simple noble protest is a fountain of life and blessing. O my soul, dare to stand and live alone with God!

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Bro. Kenneth Lewis