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Providence Ministries

Mission is the total redemptive purpose of God to establish His kingdom. Mission originates and culminates with God.  God’s mission is to restore fellowship with man and make him partner in world redemption.  It ministers to the total needs of the person, both spiritual and physical.  Jesus is the Heart of the mission.  Without Him the Church has no mission; the missionary has no message; the world has no hope.                                                                                                                       Matthew 28:18-20
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General Missions Ministry

Dr. Cora Suddoth-Gore  - Mission President

Dorcas Circle                                       Sis. Ida Jones 

Ella Lunford                                         Sis. Elizabeth Clark

Golden Agers                                       Sis. Ann Wilson

Sisters of Love                                    Sis. Audrey Timms

Unity Circle                                          Sis. Ida Jackson

Willing Workers                                  Sis. Lenora Howard-Rogers


All Other Ministries

Audio/Video Ministry                            Dea. Ivy/Sis. P. Washington

Biblical Counseling                                Sis. Cassandra Haywood

Culinary/Hospitality                              Sis. Audrey Timms      

Deacons                                                    Chairman Willie Johnson

Deaconess                                                Sis. Jessie Johnson

Evangelism & Outreach                        Rev. Ronnie Smith

Greeters Ministry                                   Sis. Mildred Crowder

Men's Ministry                                        Dea. Al Avant

Mother's Board                                       Sis. Jean Walters

Music Ministry                                        Bro. Kenny Lewis

Nurses Ministry                                      Sis. Vernadine Johnson

Nursery                                                     Sis. Carmelle Paytes

Nurture for Baptist Church (NBC)     Sis. Maxcine Taylor

Pew Captains Ministry                          

Praise Dance Ministry                           Sis. Karen Young

Security Ministry                                    Sis. Pamela Sutton

Singles Ministry                                      

Transportation Ministry                      Bro. Billy Robinson

Technology Ministry                             Sis. Tasha R. Berry-Lewis

Ushers/Jr Ushers Ministry                  Bro. Shaun Walters/Sis. Doris Myhand

Women's Ministry                                 Dr. Cora Suddoth-Gore

Youth/Children's Ministry                   Rev. Marlon Weathers/ Sis. Arielle Ware

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